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Modspell is your only source to buy these custom-designed art clocks for the home and office. We celebrate the colors, geometry and design sense of the 1950s to 1970s, known as the "Mid Century-Modern" era. These pieces were inspired by previously-manufactured vintage clocks, art, graphic design, furniture and jewelry.  All of our goods are locally fabricated and finished by hand in downtown Glendale, California.


New for Spring 2017...

The roll-out for Spring 2017 will begin in April on Etsy, with artist proofs auctioned on eBay. These auctions give you the chance to pick one up at a very reasonable price.

Greg McKinney

Modspell's Custom Creations for Spring/Summer 2017

All prices and current bids are seen on the eBay and Etsy dot links shown above.

The Marquee

This is our exclusive "TWA" travel agent promotional wall clock. Patterned after the airline's colors and graphics of the late 1960s, this model combines large scale sign-like panels into a very striking design.


• 16" wide by 37" tall

• Satin-laminated printed graphics provide a  professional, lasting finish

• Hardwood rods are securely mounted to high quality MDF panels

• Uses an AA battery-powered, tick-free quartz movement

This model is also available in a non-graphic format, typically configured with a walnut clock face and painted panels underneath. The color choices are essentially endless and may be custom ordered to your desired specifications.


This example features the walnut face with royal blue, ivory and olive green panels.

The Boomerang Flock Clock

The Boomerang mothership was originally sold by the Belart company in the 1960s. It was a 48" wide piece built with butcher block maple and a wind-up motor. We have scaled that design down a bit and replaced the butcher block with smooth walnut veneer over an MDF substrate. Brass rods (Belart used black wood) connect the inner clock element to the body. It is nicely engineered and is far nicer than the original.


And now for the first time we are offering miniature boomerang satellites! These really make the piece stand out and add a motion effect.


• Clock measures approx. 41" wide x 17" tall

• Satellites measure 10" wide x 4.25" tall

• Uses an AA battery-powered, tick-free quartz movement

The Oval

In just a few short months the Oval has become our most popular in-house design. It features an inner oval clock dial and an oval-esque outer frame. The inner section is suspended by genuine brass tubing for a secure build quality and lustrous appearance. The color is stunning and will work with any interior design.


• 13" wide by 32" tall (bi-directional)

• The brilliant gold appliqué starburst is applied to a wood-textured, oval clock face.

• Uses an AA battery-powered, tick-free quartz movement

The Islander and the Astro

These are two versions of the same basic structure, and share the same approximate dimensions. However, they appeal to two different audiences.


The Islander is shaped and painted to compliment a tiki theme and features black sand base with a walnut face. The Astro is  a 1950's space age design and features a brilliant crystalline white base, textured boomerangs and a walnut face.


• Approx. 13.3" wide x 23" tall

• Genuine brass tubing provides vertical support and a brilliant look

• Uses an AA battery-powered, tick-free quartz movement

The Diamonds Collection

We've taken one design element and crafted three distinct clocks. All three can be hung in either a horizontal or vertical orientation for maximum flexibility. Each has two walnut panels and three painted panels, all stacked into an overlapping pattern.


A Model: The five diamonds are arrayed evenly in a row. 25"x 20.25"


B Model: Ultra-long version, 40"x 13"


C Model: The diamonds have been augmented into hex shapes. 29"x 15"


• Uses an AA battery-powered, tick-free quartz movement




The Jeannie

Inspired by the beloved TV show and the "garlic" graphic shape seen in Jeannie's bottle. Four curvaceous panels are mounted on a grained black backing board. Choose from two standard color families.


• 14" wide by 21.5" tall

• Two color varieties available:
Purple, Fuchsia, White and Pink

Turquoise, Coral, White and Mustard

• Uses an AA battery-powered, tick-free quartz movement

The Polynesian

This one is perfect for the tikiphile in the home. Three paint & walnut shields are interspersed with two flat black hourglass shapes. Structure is secured with a one-piece box-style frame.


• Measures apprx. 29" wide x 24" tall

• Walnut shields with painted accents

• Brass & gold dial, star and shield appliqués

• Uses an AA battery-powered, tick-free quartz movement

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