I've been an avid collector of vintage furniture, decor, lighting and electronics since 2001. These photos show many of the pieces I've used to dress up homes in Granada Hills, Burbank and Glendale, CA. Landscaping was also part of the design package.


My philosophy is to return a vintage home to as much of its original look whenever practical. If an original design aspect can be saved, I try to save it. If not, I rebuild it within the same general taste and effect. It makes the home a special, memorable place that people really enjoy. For me, the past truly is prologue. If you have a similar story, share it with me on Facebook.

Home Restoration and Vintage Interiors

The original builder's paneling was not usable in its then-current condition, so a light flat gray was painted over it which gave the room a brighter, happier feel. Fortunately, the vertical effect of the underlying panels imparted a pleasing sense of geometry and height.

It pays to do research about your house. Asking around my neighborhood resulted in this surprise-- original newspaper ads and architect's elevations of the tract from 1963, which provided great reference material. This home was the bottom drawing. I replaced all of the landscaping but kept it true to its 1960's desert home roots.

This kitchen from a 1977 Burbank condo was depressing in its top to bottom brown Formica cabinetry. Everything was in fine condition, so rather than spending loads of money on a remodel, I had the cabinet doors painted in 1970's-friendly colors to coordinate with the original appliances. The effect was a night and day improvement in mood and freshness, with less than $100 of paint invested.


While old appliances and colors don't work for most people, this place was special as the owners were its first buyers. It was kept intact to honor their 30 years of living there.